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May Update

Last Thursday at Bin22 it was touch and go there for our duo date with Randy and Bob.  We set up under the canopy on the patio just in case and sure enough a storm with light rain but active lightning and thunder came in just as we started. We figured what the heck and played anyway.  The rain passed by quickly, the air cooled to the perfect temperature, and it turned out to be a great evening.  Thanks for the kind words from those on the patio and across the street (that’s you Steve!), and we appreciate Gretchen and Randy stopping by with Gretchen’s mom.  Randy it was great to talk with you about chromatic harmonicas, Jean Thielemans (known to George Shearing as John Tillman), and Sissy – we wish her the very best.

If you are ever in the Southern Maryland area for the evening look for Gretchen and Randy, who frequently play their “Jazz Cabaret” at Cafe Des Artistes.

We’ll see you back at Bin22 on May 26!

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