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March, 2011:

New Audio!

This weekend we added some new sound samples to our Video and Audio page, some one minute clips from our recent Hermitage Country Club appearance for the Goochland Chamber of Commerce.  Ok the Hermitage gig was a while ago, but again day jobs got in the way of timely editing and posting.

We played for the pre-dinner cocktail hour, and David Tennenholtz sat in with us since Randy couldn’t make it that evening.  Randy did send along his Zoom recorder with which we laid down the entire gig in mp3 format. As you can hear everyone had a great time – lots of fun going on in the background!

The new tracks include Just Friends, All of Me, us trading fours on Stella By Starlight, and the end of Bob’s solo and beginning of Brian’s nice arco solo on the Theme from Black Orpheus.

Stella is one of my favorites, the theme of the Ray Milland/Ruth Hussey/Donald Crisp classic The Uninvited, and of course covered by all the greats.  My favorite version might be Chet Baker’s understated take, here played live in Tokyo.

See you at Bin22 on the 31st!

March Update

A couple of weeks ago Randy, Bob, and drummer Charles Hibbler hit Bin22 in our “Blue Stripes” configuration, jamming on the standards as well as a bit of rock and roll – we had a request for Neil Young so we went right into After the Gold Rush.  A rainy night but a good time.  Look for us back at Bin22 on Thursday March 31.  Hopefully we’ll be out on the porch again, see you there!